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At  Solar Montenegro Clarion Partners, with our solar and energy storage specialist, we offer a wide range of solar services for solar power plants such as solar design engineering, solar consulting, QA/QC on solar panels and other PV plants components, or solar testing and inspection. Our service portfolio aims to ensure maximum profitability and adequate risk management for our clients.

Photovoltaic technology is one of the pillars of the transition toward a sustainable energy model.  Its competitiveness has increased dramatically over the past years. This is proven by the wide deployment of solar power plants at a global level, ranging from large utility-scale projects to smaller self-consumption installations. Nowadays, there is a growing trend in the financial market to invest in solar PV and other renewable energy projects.

Solar Montenegro as part of Clarion Partners Owners Engineer is a regional consulting, engineering, testing, and quality control firm, a benchmark in  Energy storage and solar Energy solutions in the regional market. We provide technical expertise, independent advice, and a wide range of solar services for solar farms and utility-scale projects with the ultimate goal of being a trusted technical partner to our clients.

84 Renewable Projects Completed
62 Business helped with Renewables
37 Renewable energy suppliers
44 White papers published
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Wind Power Solutions

  • Advantages
  • Costs & Installation
It’s cost effective
A clean energy source
A domestic and inexhaustible source of energy
It’s sustainable and can be grid connected
Can be built on existing farms or ranches

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Solar Power Solutions

  • Advantages
  • Costs & Installation
Low emission, so no pollution
Suitable for remote areas that are off grid
Cotains no moving parts, thus there’s no noise
In the long run, solar power is much more economical
It’s reliable and immune to potential grid failings